Phnom Penh '86

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Last time you chased the guy. Now it's time to put some work in. Diaz wants you to go and get the money back from the guy who you chased on the last mission. "Quentin Vance" will fly you in the chopper and you have to use the M5 on manual aim with Infinite ammo to pick off the guards. Lance will fly a helicopter and you've got to kill all the men in each specific area before Lance flies onto the next location. Be aware that the helicopter does not have Infinite health, so you're going to have to kill them fast.

Death From The Sky

When you first arrive above the house, shoot the 5 guards on the roof at the first location. Find explosive barrels to take out multiple enemies at once. Once you've done that, you'll move to the side of the house where you must dispose of 5 more men. Following that, kill the 3 men around the pool and blow up their cars at the next location. Then you'll go slightly further along where you can kill the guard in the back of his truck and slaughter the two guards in the tennis courts and the one guard next to his van. Penultimately, Lance flies you to another roof where 5 more guards need to be executed. Finally, take out the 6 guards on the front of the building and then Lance will put you down. It takes a bit of practice with the M5 from a helicopter first, but after a couple of goes it gets easier.

Once Lance has put you down your aim is to infiltrate the house and make your way up to the roof where you will get your money. Get to the front of the house to find the entrance, but don't go in quite yet. Have a quick look around first inside the house and try to kill as many people as possible before you enter. Once you have done that, run in and quickly equip yourself with a gun. You could use the M5 that you were left, however something with auto-aim works better. Kill all of the guards on the ground floor then make your way up the stairs to the left. Kill the 2 guards on the roof and grab the briefcase. Lance will pick you up in the Helicopter and even drop you off right outside Diaz's place.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Colonel Cortez and Avery Carrington's missions are back open.
When you get in a car you will hear on the radio that all bridges have been re-opened because the hurricane did not hit the city. That's good news, so now you can explore the new island!