Rub Out

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Well, well, well, it appears it is not Diaz who you are getting the mission from. You will see a cut scene where Lance pulls up in a car and gives you some weapons.

Goodnight, Mr Diaz

Before you accept this mission, get yourself to Ammu-Nation and get yourself a shotgun and a semi-automatic. You will need them. Now head into Diaz's estate and take out his guards on the steps (using a semi-automatic is the best here). Head either around the back of his mansion, near the pool or to the side and through the maze. Either way, you're going to have to kill the guards on the way there. Make sure that you keep Lance alive. You may find that he gets stuck at some random place. Just leave him (he'll reappear later). You have at least twice the amount of health that he has. Once you make it into Diaz's mansion, you need to take care. Go slowly and make sure every area is clean before you let Lance go any further. Kill the guard on the lower staircase with whatever weapon you think works best, then head up and around. Kill the next guard and head up and around once again, do this once or twice more, until all the guards are dead and then head into the corridor that leads ooff from the one of the middle stair levels. Kill the guard in here then head through, but wait in the corridor of the next room.

Dispose of the guards in here as carefully as possible, and try to kill as many as you can before you go up the stairway to Diaz. Once you see the cutscene with Diaz, run up the stairs and blast him about 5 times with your shotgun, he will probably take, at a maximum 150 health from you, but if you have body armor left then you should find this no trouble.

An easier way to beat it is to go up the spiral staircase and enter the highest room towards Diaz. Kill all the guards here, and all of the guards around Diaz's office. Start walking towards Diaz's office from your position above the front door, and then you will see the cutscene. Fire a few shots at Diaz until he runs into his room, and then fire a few more at him after you chase him there and you will kill him without even being hit. If you're lucky.

Once you kill Diaz you will take over his mansion, you will get a garage to store 2 cars, lots of weapons, and a helicopter will spawn on the roof. You can now use this area as a save point!

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

After you pass the mission you will receive a phone call from Kent Paul, he is at the recording studio with Love Fist and they want you to do them a job. Head over to the Skull on the radar for those missions.
You'll also unlock missions for the Vercetti Estate.