Two Bit Hit

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Avery introduces you to Donald Love then tells you "nothing brings down prices better than an old fashioned gang war". He wants you to dress up as a Cuban and trash the funeral of a Haitian gang lord over in Little Havana.

Fun At The Funeral

Go to Little Havana and get yourself some new clothes. Once you have those clothes, head over to the meet where you'll have to take out the Haitian Gang Lord. Just as you reach the funeral they will spot you, which is the idea, so forget about the rest of the Haitians and just chase after the gang lord in the Romero's Hearse. Incidentally, this is the only time you can get a black Voodoo, so take one if you wish. Smash into the side of the car, or Drive-By it to make them stop, and that's it. Just ensure that you don't drive into one of the explosive coffins that he's dropping. Kill the guy with the arrow over his head and you pass the mission.

Mission Passed!