The Chase

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When you enter his house, Diaz tells you about one of his men who has been slowly stealing money from him. He wants you to go to his house and follow him to where he's stashing the money.

Prawn Island

Make your way to his apartment. Upon your arrival, stand in the pink marker to see a short clip telling you to have a look through his window. Go and stand in front of his window. As soon as you look in, surprise, surprise, the guy who you're after suddenly appears on the stairs behind you. He tries to make a run for it, so chase him. Follow him up onto the roof. Remember not to kill him. You have the option now of jumping off the roof and running alongside the buildings, or doing the obstacle course along the roof. If you choose to do the roof and dodge the fire and all the other obstacles, you'll see him run off the edge and jump into a BF Injection. Regardless of how you've got to the end of the buildings, get either into a random car of hop on the Faggio moped behind him. You now have to chase him, but not kill him. Swerve a bit about 100 yards behind him to avoid the gunfire. He'll head over to Prawn Island, where the mission will end.

Mission Passed!