All Hands On Deck

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Before you accept this mission, I suggest you grab some Body Armor, and pop into Ammu-Nation for a machine gun, preferably the Ruger. If you couldn't find it, then here is also a good place to buy Body Armor.

As you enter the mission, you will find that circumstances have forced Cortez to leave. France wants its missiles back, so Cortez will be leaving on his yacht. However, there are some people who don't want him to leave and they try to stop him from doing so. This is where you come in. Cortez wants you to help him escape, so your aim is to kill all those who try to stop the Colonel leaving.

Water Warfare

When the mission starts, run to the back of the boat, trying not to fall off the back. Keep shooting at the boats with whatever weapon you have. A Ruger works well. Once the 3 boats have been taken care of, a cut-scene will show where you will see that the only exit to the open seas is blocked off by lots of boats. Run to the front of Cortez's ship and shoot the boats and try to blow up as many as possible. Shooting three should do it. Now people will begin to board the ship so kill them. Using a weapon with auto-aim is easier. Then try to take out the boats near you, remembering that killing the driver is easier than blowing the whole thing up. Eventually a helicopter will appear and it'll drop four men who try to kill you. Shoot down the helicopter and kill the men. Finally they will send a Hunter (Apache helicopter) to battle you! This is the first time you will see one in the game. Take it down and you will pass the mission.

Mission Passed!