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Welcome to your empire. It needs a bit of expansion, but you don't have enough muscle in the city for people to co-operate with you. The guys (Lance, Avery and Ken) are worrying about what they are going to do, so Tommy tells them he can seize the city. He says he'll be back in 5 minutes, which is bad, considering you now have 5 minutes to beat this mission. Damn Tommy and his cockiness...

Smashing Stuff Up

As soon as the mission starts grab a fast car, such as the Infernus parked outside. Race to the North Point Mall at the north of the first island. When you get there, go in and either use a weapon or a bike to smash all of the shop windows. Do each floor at a time. The katana found at the Coffee Shop works well. However, a gun works fine too, as does taking a bike in (just drive in the door to the mall on a bike) and drive-bying the windows. Smash all the windows before the time runs out, and you'll pass the mission, luckily you don't have to worry about getting back inside the 5 minutes.

You will get a Wanted Level, but there's the Tool Shop and Gash in the mall to change clothes. Once you pass this rather easy mission, head back to your mansion for more...

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

You can now buy assets! (But you'll need the cash)
A few seconds later you will get a call from Kent Paul opening Love Fist missions in the VRock recording studios on the West Island.