The Fastest Boat

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Every smuggler wants a faster boat. And you know who has the current fastest boat in Vice City? Diaz. But a new one's just come on the market, and it's faster.


There are a few ways of doing this mission, some easier than others.

After the intro and before you leave, look around in the maze, to the left of Diaz's house for the sniper rifle. Once you get it, you are on your way. Get to the docks at the south of the second island. As you get there, STOP! You want to wait a bit, because the people who are looking after the boat are heavily armed. Drive around to the other side of where you are supposed to go, and take out most of the guards you can see with the sniper rifle or a shotgun if you have one. Once you have disposed of them head into the boat yard and go into the hanger. There will be 3 workmen and 2 or 3 gang members waiting around there, so kill them and then walk into the pink circle that will lower the boat for you. After you lower the boat, about 7 gang members will come for you. If you're doing OK on health, kill them, if not run for the boat, get in, then head out speed to the marker on your radar. Try to avoid the police boat gunfire, but you should be OK, seeing as you are in the Fastest Boat!

If you can get to outside the boatyard, with 100% Health and Armor (you can grab some armor from the building to the left of the barriers to the docks), you can basically blitz this mission. Get in a car and run over a few of the gang members hanging outside the dock hanger, drive-bying some of them. Park the car near to the entrance of the hanger and get out. Now sprint to the pink blip inside the building to lower the 'Squalo' boat. Sprint down towards the water and get in the boat. You'll have some police on your tail but you'll easily outspeed them. Get to the outside of Diaz's.

You can alternatively land straight on the boat in a helicopter (the VCN Maverick on top of the VCN building in Downtown by the bridge to Prawn Island is ideal), get out of it and get behind the wheel of the hanging boat which will make it fall out of the sky. This will save you time and health from the gang members, while still allowing you to complete the mission.

Mission Passed!