Death Row

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Lance, in all his eternal wisdom, thought that now was his time to jump Diaz. But, in the words of Kent Paul, he "didn't jump high enough". They have captured Lance and are holding him hostage while slowly executing him. You have to speed across town to the junkyard and free your hapless partner.

Junkyard Rescue

Prior to accepting this mission, it's worth heading over to Ammu-Nation to buy a few shotguns. You'll need 'em. It's also worth getting a fast car and parking it outside the Malibu, but not too close or it will disappear before you start. If you want to go the extra step, stick a helicopter outside the Malibu to go directly to the junkyard. Once you have accepted the mission run and hop into the car / helicopter. Speed to the junkyard and when you get there, equip your shotgun, keep using auto aim and as soon as you lock on, fire. Kill all the men you see then make a run for Lance. Alternatively if you're going by car, drive-by a few of them first before bailing when it goes up in flames. If you're going by helicopter, you can perform the more interesting tactic of landing on top of a building and sniping everyone. After removing the people in the yard, kill the guards in the hanger and then help Lance escape by picking off the sniper. After that, and if it's there, grab the Sentinel to the left of the hangar or the Trashmaster in the centre of the skip. Otherwise carefully make your way back to the car you brought. You must now take Lance to the hospital, but watch out as the gang are coming after you in Comets. You should stillbe able to make it quite easily. As a tip, to get rid of the gang easily, as soon as you leave the junk yard, make a right and go over the small bridge and wait there for the cars to come, you can then tempt them to go into the water, or just shoot them to blow them up easily.

Mission Passed!