Sir, Yes Sir

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The Colonel has one more errand for you to run. He wants you to acquire a piece of military machinery that's being taken across the second island.

Can I Borrow This

After the briefing, head over to the second island. When you reach it you may be shocked to find that it's an army convoy, and, your eyes are not deceiving you, he wants you to take the tank! Don't run in like a headless chicken and try to open the door (it's locked and the army will make a nice mess out of you). Just wait for the army to reach the doughnut shop, where the marines in the tank will get out. There's your chance, hop in the tank, turn the turret around, and speed to that destination marker. You can shoot backwards with the tank turret to speed yourself up. To get to the lockup, quickly head right from where you get the tank, right again a few times, then left and you should be really close to the garage. If you want to use the doughnut shop trick, you have to get there pretty fast; otherwise they will have already gone past it. If, however, you are a bit too late, don't panic. Park your car in front of the tank to make the marine get out of the tank to move your car. Run to the tank and hop in. Take it to the garage. Remember that the tank has an auto-destruct activation as soon as you steal it, so you have around two minutes to get the tank to the garage. To be fair, you should easily get there in 30 seconds.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Alternatively, if you want to keep the tank (but fail the mission), you'll need the Hyman Condo save house with the helipad in Downtown. You've got two minutes so speed over to the save house and park the tank in your garage. Get outside and let the door shut. When the two minutes are up, it'll explode but your garage will automatically restore it to full health. You fail the mission though.