Supply & Demand

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You wonder why you really needed the fastest boat last time. Well here's your answer. Diaz tells you that once a month a dealer comes into Vice City and sells his stock to the first boat there. Diaz wants the wares, so he wants you to go in the fastest boat, and get there first.

Boat Race

Get into the Squalo by standing in the pink blip. Guess who's there. It's your guardian angel. Lance says that he'll do the shooting if you drive the boat. It's easier if you keep to the left under the first two bridges, then after the bridge near the golf course turn right. Taking the ways the other boats go are possible, but harder. Doing it the way described will pretty much guarantee you winning the race. But that's the easy bit. After you win the race Lance will be driving and you are in charge of the shooting, so kill the competitors.

When you're shooting the guy behind you, remember that it's much easier to kill the drivers of the boats rather than blow them up. It's not going anywhere without the driver. After a while you will reach a jetty which has armed men on, try to kill them individually, or shoot the red barrel to briskly end their lives. Finally, a helicopter will come at you. Just keep shooting, and eventually it will blow up. After this, there might be one more boat left, but just shoot the driver and it's not going to go anywhere. Easier said than done, I realise. Let Lance drive back to the mansion to earn you your biggest pay cheque so far!

Mission Passed!