Guardian Angels

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A deal's going down round the back of your hotel, and Cortez wants you to ensure it goes down safely. He's place some protection for you to pick up from the multi-storey car park, then go and watch over the deal between the Cubans and Diaz.

Protection From Above

Head over to the multi-storey car park and pick up the Ruger. Mysteriously, Lance will appear in his white Infernus and tell you that he'll help. Get in and drive to the meeting location.

You meet up with Diaz's men and then decide that Lance will stand guard on the balcony and you must look out on the roof across the yard. Climb the stairs and wait in the pink circle, equipping yourself with the Ruger. Hold the aim button to go into first person view. Interestingly enough, it's also just as easy, if not easier to just use an automatic aiming weapon to shoot the people from ground level. An Uzi works perfectly, and you don't even have to stay at the top of the stairs.

The deal will start, and, predictably, rivals will come in to bust the deal. It starts to get messy. Kill all of the people except Lance, Diaz and his 2 henchmen. To start with, kill the two people in white shirts and then kill all the people who show up. Ensure Diaz is kept alive. Towards the end of the battle, a guy will sneak up on Lance, so dispose of him (the guy, not Lance).

After this stage, two Cubans will try to escape on Sanchez bikes. One will be expertly picked off by Lance while the other tries to get away with the cash. Grab some automatic weapons (the dead guy drops one) and then either hop on his bike. Chase the guy in front on his bike and shoot him off using the automatic that you picked up. On a bike you can drive-by forwards. Once he's dead, grab the money and take it back to Diaz.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Ricardo Diaz is unlocked as a crime boss.
Starfish Island is unlocked.