Four Iron

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Avery wants you to go and beat up a guy at the golf course but, in a cruel twist of fate, you're not gonna get in dressed like you are. He tells you to go to Jocksports and pick up some golfing clothes.


Go to Jocksports and pick up the golfing outfit, then make your way to Leaf Links Golf Club. As you enter the course through the security scanner, you'll lose all your weapons so once inside go grab a golf club and get in a golf cart. Head to where the guy is pitching (into the water...?). Once you're there, make your way towards him. Inevitably, his guards will come after you and he'll get in a cart and start driving all over the place. The idea is that you could potentially knock him into the water. If not, he'll eventually get to the exit and get into a getaway car. You'll then be able to get your weapons back and chase him.

A smart way of doing this mission is to do the above until the cutscene with "get him boys" comes in (at the driving structure). Get back in your caddy and speed towards the entrance of Leaf Links. Run through to the outside of the metal security gate and grab back all your weapons. There should be a getaway car parked outside. You don't need to interact with it, just make sure you are standing in front of the security gate, aiming through the gate, ready to shoot the guy when he eventually runs to the getaway car. Eventually he'll pull up and start running towards you. Shoot him down.

You could also use a vehicle to help you jump over the fence/wall next to the building with the security scanner and get into the course with your weapons, where you'd be able to take him out straight away.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

You now have the Golf Outfit, which can be found outside Leaf Links.