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In the last of Ken's missions, he introduces you to Avery Carrington who tells you that he wants you to take care of some vans at a Riot at some property that he's got his eye on, in return for some business from him. He tells you to go to Rafael's to get some new clothes.

Coveralls For Tommy

Get the clothes from Rafael's, following the T-Shirt blip on the radar. Once you're changed, head over to the riot. It helps to have some weapons, so either pop into Ammu-Nation or pick up a freebie at the docks opposite the liner.

Once you get there, start a fistfight with (or just run over) at least 4 protesters. At this point, the gates will open and some security guards will come out. Enter the back section and it'll become apparent that you have to blow up the 3 vans. It's easier than it seems, and ultimately if you can disperse of the security guards, shooting the red barrels next to them will blow up the vans. If any are left, get in the remaining vans and trash it any way you can. Just try to make sure that you're not pulled out. One tactic is to keep driving this vehicle into a wall and/or trees. Alternatively, only blow up one barrel for the first 2 vans, then move the third van next to the second barrel and blow it up then. You might want to grab some cash from outside where most of the rioters have been killed, then get out of there.

Mission Passed!

Additional Details

Avery Carrington and Colonel Cortez are unlocked as crime bosses.