Show The Money

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Jonnie tells you he's in a lot of debt to King Courtney from Staunton Island and wants you to bring some loot back for him from a guy who's been playing with marked cards.

Yardie Loans

Make your way to the alleyway where you'll find the guy. He'll leave a package of money for you to collect, and it's up to you if you want to take it or pick it up. I left it for about 20 seconds and he came running back, grabbed the money and set about 8 guys on me.

Kill him and his goons, then pick up the money.

Once they're all wasted, get a vehicle and get back to the bar to see Jonnie.

As you enter the bar, you'll discover Jonnie is dead, lying in a pool of blood. You'll then hear a car speed away outside. You need to get in a vehicle and chase it South, and then West. The vehicles goes across the bridge to Staunton Island which is now open, so chase after it.

As you cross the bridge, you'll pass the mission.

Mission Passed!