Love Of Money

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8-Ball tells you he's just survived an attempt on his life by the Mafia and that he's been on the run since Vinnie's car got blown up back in Portland. All of a sudden an explosion occurs and a bunch of gangsters attack the place. Outside, 8-Ball is knocked down.

Cartel Attack

You've got 2 minutes to kill all of the enemies in the close area. There are about ten and they have a fair amount of health. They'll take a few blasts from a shotgun, or in my case, a fair old whack with a flamethrower before they're dead.

Once they're all down, another bunch of Cartel thugs will attack you. If you have a flamethrower they'll be easy to take out, otherwise you'll need to wipe the 8 or so enemies away with whatever gun you have.

After you kill that wave, a bunch more enemies will swarm in and attack you. There's some health behind the restaurant just South a bit if you need it.

Kill the next bunch of enemies and one final group will appear. Once again the health will be back to collect if you need it.

Once they're all disposed of, 8-Ball will reappear and you'll decide to get out of there before the cops show. 8-Ball will decide he's staying because his legs are messed up and he's burnt, so now ou've got a five star wanted level, and the FBI to escape. Your hideout, and in fact the Pay N' Spray isn't far away though, so either go to your hideout and use any police bribes you have from completing Vigilante missions, or grab a non-police vehicle and get it sprayed.

Once you've lost the cops, Mike will tell you all of his friends are either dead or in Jail, and he's tired of being attacked. He's going on the offensive.

Mission Passed!