Truth Revealed

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Upon entering Cisco's plane, Mike discovers his gruesome dead body. As he exits the plane, a car speeds off outside.

Welcoming Party

You'll have a minute to kill about 8 enemy gang members who are coming towards you with various weapons. They shouldn't take more than 20 seconds to blast away with a shotgun.

Once they do, a car will drive South to the left. Grab a vehicle and chase after it, smashing into the side of it. It should catch fire and pull over, then eventually explode.

A cutscene will kick in where Vinnie appears and tells Mike he shouldn't believe everything he sees and that he wants to kill you so that he doesn't have to share the money with you.

Blast him a few times with a shotgun and another cutscene will kick in where Vinnie begs you not to kill him. One more shot should do it.

Mike can't believe the one person he thought he could trust would betray him.

Mission Passed!