Decoy Disaster

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Cisco wants you to be a decoy for him, and has provided a map of a route he wants you to take, while he takes a much safer route.

Fluffy Dice

Get in the vehicle Cisco has left you. You'll see a damage meter on the right side of the screen. This mission is effectively a race, you need to keep heading through the checkpoints as quick as you can, only there are two cars chasing you and a number of guys on foot shooting at you. Just ignore them though and keep driving towards the next checkpoint.

You'll end up to the North East of Shoreside Vale, and once you get to the last checkpoint, which for me was with about 50 seconds remaining, you'll be told that Cisco heard the assassin is hiding out in Pike Creek. Make your way to his location now.

When you arrive, Mike will talk with a guy who says his boss is solving a headache caused by Cisco. You now need to kill this guy and about 8 of his goons.

Mission Passed!