Down The River

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Asuka wants you to hit 15 or more Mafia members with a Katana, and put them in a truck. She'll pay you more for any extra Mafia members after the 15.

Slash Slash

Get in the truck and you'll find out you have 10 minutes to collect the 15 Mafia members.

The first group should be at the South of the island. All you need to do is hit them once with the sword, they'll chase you, lead them back to the truck and hit them again to make them get in. You can hit a load of them together and make them all get in the truck at once if you lead them back there and hit them again. Don't kill them though or that's one less Mafia member for you.

Once the first group are taken care of, you'll have to take them to the docks, so make your way there.

Once you've dropped them off, another bunch of Mafia will appear West of your position. Make your way there and do the same thing to get them into the truck. Once you've got 15, a Mafia member will tell you the Mafia are going to come after you.

You now need to get to the docks and drop off the new Mafia members in 3 minutes, which is plenty of time. Don't flip the truck and make your way there.

Mission Passed!