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Mike has discovered the Yardies are all over the city, getting ready to take him down. He intends to kill them all first.

Dead Yardie Bodies

Grab a vehicle and make your way around the city tracking down the Yardies, marked with a red blip on the map. When you arrive, get out of your vehicle and blast them with a shotgun. They usually go down in one shot. You've got 4 minutes to kill them all, which is pretty damn difficult. It took me about 6 attempts, because unless you've killed them completely within the 4 minutes, you'll fail. And there's no real easy route to take to get them.

I prefer getting the one just up to the right from where you start, then swinging back down and to the West, then follow the Western side of this side of the river all of the way to the North, kill the enemy further around at the North East, then head across the dam and south across the grass to the next target. Then head towards the airport and make your way through them down there.

Once they're all dead, you'll have a four star wanted level to lose by whichhever means you prefer.

Mission Passed!