Bad Pimpin'

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Asuka tells you she has the information you need, but wants toy to kill a pimp who has been messing with her girls before she'll give it to you.

Pimp Action Shotgun

Make your way to the Pimps location where you'll basically have to kill 5 enemies who will attack you, and the pimp himself. They'll all die in one shotgun blast, and frankly this part of the mission isn't even slightly difficult.

Just turn up, shoot everyone, then head back to Asuka.

She'll eventually get her wish and take you to bed. Once you reappear, you'll need to find and kill the bomber.

Head South East from your position. When you arrive, you'll see a cutscene where a dead body is found. Mike finds a pager which tells the owner to meet them in Shoreside Vale. You now have 2 minutes, and a four star wanted level to avoid in order to get over the bridge to Shoreside Vale.

Upon arrival on Shoreside Vale, you'll be told to meet the pager guy at the North of the island. Shortly after, Cisco will message you telling you it's a trap and that you should go see him instead. Choose what you want to do.

Mission Passed!