Race To Run

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King Courtney tells you that he wasn't responsible for Jonnie's death and they he went there to pick up some money but found the bartender dead and his money stolen. He'll help you find out who's responsible, but needs you to drive for him in a race. If you do well he says he'll let you drive a Formula One race car.

Race On

You've got 4 minutes to get around the track, and a damage meter. There'll be a car chasing you that will literally just keep ramming into you whenever it gets the chance, so you need to try to lose it. The track itself isn't very difficult, just keep an eye on the radar to see where the next checkpoint is.

You should finish the race with about a minute left. Once you do, Courney will tell you to meet him back at the docks. You have 30 seconds to get there.

If you were quick enough, he'll tell you to test drive the formula one car. Once you get in it, you've got 4 minutes to get around the track. The car is super fast but has awesome handling. You've got to get around the track twice in 4 minutes, but it's pretty much just a lap of the island. You can probably do each lap in 1 minute 30 ish, giving you a minute spare if you need it.

Once you pass, Courney till tell you you're that fastest driver ever and give you an insane reward.

Mission Passed!