Freedom Flies

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Mike is surrounded by the cops and has one chance left to escape, and that's to get to the airport and take Cisco's plane. He wishes there was a tank he could use to get past the six star wanted level he faces...

What A Surprise! A Tank!

Yeah, right outside the door is a tank which you can take. You'll need to use it to get you to the airport. You don't necessarily NEED to use it, but it's somewhat useful, although slow and not completely damage proof.

Eventually it'll probably blow up, so you may wish to just sprint the rest of the way on foot, providing you've passed the paramedic missions up to level 12.

Watch out for the army's tanks which shoot homing missiles at you, but really your best bet is just to sprint and never look back. Once you reach Cisco's plane, despite the army being right behind you, Mike will take a drink and enjoy leaving the city behind.

Congrats, you completed the story on GTA: Advance.

Once you're out of the cutscene, you'll only have an option of saving or quitting the game. Obviously this is because you "left" the city. The credits will roll once you click quit, but you can load your game from the main menu and continue on your quest for 100% completion.

Mission Passed!