Latin Coffee

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King Courtney wants you to collect 12 cans of coffee from around the island from the Cartel.

Pick Up The Cans

The first four cans are held by four enemies in an alleyway towards the center of the island. Head into it, kill them, and pick up the items. Once they're dead, another bunch of enemies will appear on your radar, North.

As you arrive, you'll see five enemies waiting for you. Take them all out, and half way through killing them, you'll see one of the Cartel just along the street, trying to get away. Once the group of five are dead, run after the other enemy on foot and take him out before he gets into a vehicle, then grab his can.

The final enemies are South West of your position. Kill them once you arrive and grab their cans. You should have enough for Courtney to be happy now, so make your way back to his pad at the docks.

Mission Passed!