Factory Wages

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Cisco wants you to blow up a factory which is making aerial surveillance equipment. He tells you that you need to track down a technicial who works there to get his ID card to give you access to the building.

Blown Sky High

Head South to the location of the technician. As you arrive you'll be told to get him quick before he escapes. Head along the road and smash into his car. A damage meter will appear, so keep hitting him. Eventually he'll get out and talk with Mike, then he'll run off. Chase after him and punch him with your fists until he agrees to give you the card. You can now choose to spare his life and risk letting him call the cops, or kill him. I killed him, but this gave a two star wanted level anyway.

Once you've got the card, head to 8-Ball's bomb shop and buy a car bomb for $1000.

After that, grab a vehicle and lose any wanted level you may have, then head north towards the target location. Park in the blue marker, select the car bomb in your weapon inventory, then press A+B to arm the bomb. Then get out, move away and detonate it and enjoy the fireworks.

As soon as it blows, run away and across the street to keep away from any witnesses.

Mission Passed!