Flying High

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Cisco tells you he needs you to deliver some shoes which can be used to smuggle drugs to three of his shops so they can gain some market share.

Dealing Shoes

Get into the parked Diablo and make your way South to the various shops. When you arrive in each of the blue markers you'll give the shoes to the shop owner and he'll complain about Cisco.

After delivering to the second guy, you'll be told a competitor called Ares has tipped off the cops, and you now have a 4 star wanted level. This won't stop you being able to drop off the package at the 3rd shop owner though, but you may wish to lose the cops first.

Once it's dropped off, the final shop owner will tell you to tell Cisco she's not doing anything for him until she's paid. Get back in the vehicle and head back to Cisco.

Doggie Meat

Cisco will tell you he's going to kidnap Pat (the final shop owner)'s dog and pretend he's had it turned into meat at the butchers. He wants you to pick up the meat and stuff it into some boots.

Pick up the package then get back in the vehicle and make your way South to the butchers. He'll give you some meat to use as a bribe.

Once you've got it, head to Pat's place again and give her the package. She'll complain about cruelty to animals and get some friends to attack you. Kill all of them, then Cisco will tell you he's happy.

Mission Passed!