School's Out

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Cisco wants you to kidnap Asuka's neice, a schoolgirl called Yuka. He needs you to steal her limo, then use it to pick her up in it so no one gets suspicious. He's doing it because Asuka won't let him sell his product in Asuka's part of town.

Schoolgirl Fetish

Head North and slightly East where you'll find the limo near the stadium. Smash into it and a guy will get out and shoot at you. Either shoot him or run him over, then smash into the limo again. Keep hitting it until it stops, and kill the guys who get out.

You've got about 3 minutes to get the limo and get it fixed, then get back to the North and pick her up.

You'll need to deliver the girl to Cisco, but you'll be chased by two vehicles, who will keep ramming you. I suggest driving through your hideout to lose them, then take her to Cisco.

Mission Passed!