Under Surveillance

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Asuka informs you of a number of Mafia members who have decided to visit Staunton Island and wait for you to show up. She wants you to eliminate them.

Take Out The Spies

You have 6 minutes and 30 seconds to complete this mission. Grab a vehicle from outside Asuka's condo and drive up the road to the right of the area you're currently at. Keep going straight across the street and eventually you'll make your way to the park in Belleville. Enter the park and head towards the little island type thing in the middle of the water. There are two Mafia members standing on the top of there, so a well placed grenade or Molotov will do nicely. If that fails, just run up and kill them with a gun. Next we're going to visit the Mafia towards the other end of the island. Head up the main street into Torrington and Bedford Point. As you get about half way you'll see the Black Mafia Rumpo parked by the side of the road. Stop a decent way away and blow it up with whatever weapon you want to dispose of these guys easily. If you don't want to blow up this rare car, you can approach it and then tackle the soldiers on foot. The final Mafia members can be found overlooking the helipad at Kenji's Casino. they are situated on the balconies of the buildings opposite. A sniper rifle works best for picking these eight or so guys off, but a rocket launcher or M16 should be able to do the same job. Fire a shot at each of them and watch them fall to their deaths to complete the mission.

Mission passed!

Additional Notes

If you want a special, rare vehicle, grab the Pitch Black Rumpo on this mission.
Kenji Kasen has been unlocked as a new crime boss.