Paparazzi Purge

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A reporter has been spying on Asuka and she wants him to be eliminated.

Boat Wars

This mission involves a boat chase which is a first in GTA3 so far. You'll need to head along to the next dock so you can get the police boat which has the ability to fire machine guns while driving. Once you're in the boat just chase after the paparazzi member holding down fire as you go, and you'll eventually fill up his damage meter. Alternatively you can fire a rocket at his boat from the back yard of Asuka's condo. It'll take two to kill him however, but if you miss the second rocket he'll most likely escape, so the boat way is your best bet.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Don't loose the reporter when chasing him. If he gets too far ahead you'll lose him, despite the fact there aren't exactly many different ways to go around Portland.