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There are nine locations around all three islands where the Cartel are selling Spank. You need to destroy them all.

Make Mine A Large

This mission can be tricky or easy depending on how you approach it. The stalls only show up on your radar when you get extremely close to them, so you wouldn't exactly know where they were and would run out of time looking for them. The solution is to drive across all three islands and spot all of the locations before destroying them, then you have the full amount of time, eight minutes, to just head to each dot on the radar. Search Staunton Island first for the stalls, then Shore Side Vale, and then finally Portland. Once you've picked them all up on the radar, starting with Portland, destroy the stalls. Use grenades, a rocket launcher, or just smash into them with your car, but make it fast. Once you've done Portland's, head to Staunton Island and destroy those, then finally move onto Shore Side Vale and destroy the last few. The locations of the stalls on each island is shown below.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Head to all of the locations below so that they all show up on your radar, then smash them starting on Portland.

- Saint Marks, near the rooftop garden opposite from Salvatore's mansion.
- Trenton, next to the entrance to Portland Harbor.

Staunton Island:
- Newport, in between some bushes next to the multi storey car park.
- Belleville Park, inside the actual park itself.
- Bedford Point, next to the white church.
- Bedford Point, just down the street from he church.
- Torrington, near the star shaped statue just along the road from Kenji's Casino.

Shore Side Vale:
- Francis International Airport, at the top of the stairs next to the subway entrance.
- Pike Creek, just outside the hospital.

You might want to keep a hold of that Bullet Proof Patriot for this mission as you'll be in Mafia turf.