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There are three groups of Cartel in Shore Side Vale who wish to kill you. Your job is to trick the Cartel and lead them straight into a Yakuza ambush.

Follow Me To Your Death

Grab a fast car from the Construction Site area and head over the lift bridge into Shore Side Vale. Your first group of wanna-be killers can be found parked at the corner of the hill as you pass the airport and make your way into Pike Creek. Get close enough so they follow you, then lead them to the Yakuza trap. I suggest then hiding in the alley to the right while the Yakuza blow them up. after that, head along the top of the dam. The next lot of killers are parked at the road just after you cross the dam, so go across there and head back with them on your tail. Again lead them to the Yakuza and hide while they are killed. The final group of Cartel ca be found parked in front of one of the houses near the Cartel Mansion. Go across the smaller bridge and then spin around when they are following you. Get to the Yakuza trap area and wait till they are dead.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

You can pick up a lot of high powered weapons after the Yakuza have killed the Cartel. Don't let them go to waste!