Escort Service

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Donald wants you to help his oriental gentleman to get his truck to a warehouse on Shore Side Vale.

Protect The Truck

This is a rather interesting mission, and can be attacked in a number of ways. the best, I feel is to get a powerful car and drive slightly ahead of him, clearing the way of any Cartel members who may appear. You'll need to guide him through the tunnel and all the way to Pike Creek in Shore Side. The best way to figure out what to do and where to go is to just follow him, although he needs the protection of you being in front. Basically all the mission requires you to do is make sure he gets to Shore Side Vale unharmed. You can do this by jumping on his truck and just riding it using a machine gun to keep the other traffic away. Another thing you can do is just speed through the tunnel and wait at the end near the airport for a message to come up about checking it out, then move out of the way and hide. He will then make his way there alone and won't take any further damage.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

The old man's truck is Explosion Proof, so don't worry about blowing up cars next to him.
D-Ice is unlocked as a new crime boss.