Sayonara Salvatore

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Asuka wants you to prove to her that your ties with the Mafia are truly broken by killing Don Salvatore.

Death From Above?

You're going to need some firepower before attempting this mission, so pay a visit to Ammu-Nation first. A sniper rifle would be best suited, although anything can be used. Next you need to make your way to Portland relatively quickly so I suggest using the bridge. Make your way through China Town and into the Red Light District. Your destination is Luigi's club. You have two choices now, you can either go up towards Saint Marks very slightly, and use an alley way to give you access to the roof overlooking the entrance to Luigi's club, or you can just drive into the back entrance of Luigi's club and wait there facing the doorway ready to drive by as soon as it opens. Whichever way you choose, you'll need to fire a few good shots into Salvatore and some of his gang members before he dies. If you miss, he'll try to escape in a car, so you'll have to chase it and kill him that way.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

If it wasn't bad enough already, the Mafia completely hate you now and you really have no chance of surviving for very long in Saint Marks.
King Courtney has been unlocked as a new crime boss.