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The Oriental Gentleman you just guided has been trapped by police, and you're needed to distract them while he gets away.

3 Minutes And Counting

Speed to Shore Side Vale and go to the garage to where you guided his truck. Get in it, then prepare for a lot of police coming after you. You need to survive this for three minutes without blowing up or getting busted. Your best bet is to head towards the airport and park in the hangar with the dodo from a few missions previously. This way the police helicopter can't get you, and the police cars or enforcers won't now where you are. That's if you want to pass the mission anyway. If you want to have fun, which after all is the purpose of the missions anyway, then you can just speed around and avoid the collisions till the time runs out.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Hiding in the hangar at the airport makes for an easy way to pass this mission.