Grand Theft Aero

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Donald wants you to check out the plane at the airport in Shore Side Vale for the package.

Where's My Package

Grab a vehicle and make your way over the Staunton Lift Bridge to Shore Side Vale. Make a left and go to the airport and work your way around to the back. You'll eventually see a hangar with two vehicles parked outside, one will drive off, but leave the other one as it is. Don't blow it up. Head into the hangar and you'll be alerted that the Cartel are there, so do whatever it takes to kill the Cartel members without damaging the plane. Once they're dead get into the plane. You'll then be alerted that there's no package so head outside towards the Panlantic van. It seems the package is at the construction site, so head back over the bridge into Staunton Island and go to the Construction Site. Work your way into the blue fenced off area and kill the Cartel people in there. A flamethrower through the wall works well enough, then go in the crane elevator and watch the cutscene. Afterwards you'll be downstairs with the package, so take it back to Donald Love to pass the longest mission so far.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

The Yakuza have taken over the construction site now, so expect cool gang wards between them, the Yardies and the Cartel.
Asuka Kasen is unlocked as a new crime boss.