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A plane transporting spank is headed for Shore Side Vale, and you are required to launch a Surface-to-Air Missile and take it out.

Down From The Sky

Jump in a car and speed to the docks near Donald Loves building in Bedford Point. Grab the rocket launcher and get in the boat, then drive across he water. Don't wait about in the water, just get onto land and head towards the ramp up to the runway. Kill the Cartel who you will spot, and take their car if possible. Drive towards the end of the runway and wait for the plane to come down. Just as it's touching down, let rip with rockets. One direct hit should blow it up, then you need to grab the spank. Pick it all up, then grab a car and drive into Pike Creek. Use the Pay N' Spray to lose the heat, then carefully make your way back to the construction site where you will complete the mission, and start up the next one.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

This is actually the second last story mission on the game. The next one is the end! Don't worry though, because you can continue playing after finishing the story missions.