Last Requests

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Salvatore wants you to do one more job before celebrating the victories over rival gangs. He wants you to dispose of a car with brains inside.

An Item...

Head to the area where the car is parked in the Red Light District. Just before you get there, you'll receive a message on your pager from Maria. She tells you the car is a trap, and wants you to meet her under the Callahan Bridge. You can of course get into the car which will blow up on ignition, or you can drive to the tunnel under the bridge and meet Maria and her friend Asuka. They will tell you that Maria told Salvatore that you and her are an item, and as a result, the Mafia now hate you! Thanks Maria! Anyway, you need to drive the boat across the water and park up at the docks over by the apartments to pass the mission and unlock Staunton Island.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

You've now completed all main storyline missions on Portland. Don't go back to Saint Marks without bullet proof protection or the Mafia's shotguns will rip you to shreds.
Staunton Island has now been made available. You can access the island either by going over the newly fixed Callahan Bridge, or by going through the partially opened Porter Tunnel.