Payday For Ray

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Asuka owes a contact some money, and of course you're the only person with the ability to deliver it.

Phone Call

This mission requires speed. You may have to play through a few times before you can get it right, due to the fact that a fairly big error such as blowing your car up and having to find a new one will likely cost you the mission. You've got a time limit to speed around the island answering different phones. The first one you need to answer is in Torrington, so head up the hill and make a left turn then speed towards the phone using your radar. Once you've got that, you then need to answer the phone in Belleville Park. This phone is actually on the main road leading to the bridge to Shore Side Vale though, so make your way across there as fast as possible. After answering that you'll be ordered to get to the phone at Liberty Campus, which is just in front of the hospital, so make your way there and answer it. The final phone you'll need to answer is just past Belleville Park. Once you've got this, the timer stops and you can take as much time as you need to go into the toilets inside the park to pass the mission.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Learn the best route to each phone to minimise the time needed to get there. This may take a few tries.
Ray Machowski has been unlocked as a new crime boss.