Two-Faced Tanner

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Asuka has found out that one of the Yakuza drivers is an undercover cop. She wants you to make him bleed.

Strangely Animated

Grab a relatively powerful vehicle and head to the Casino. You may want to buy some Uzi's from Ammu-Nation first as you'll likely need the ammo for drive-by's. When you get to the Casino, wait in the blue circle for Tanner to take off in his car, then simply chase after him and drive-by him until he blows up. It'll only take about 3 seconds worth of shooting before his car is no more, but you'll have to avoid the incoming police vehicles chasing after you. If you don't have an Uzi, you can just constantly smash into his car until it catches on fire, then run him over when he tries to flee.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Asuka calls Tanner a "Strangely animated undercover cop". This is a joke by Rockstar getting one over on Driver's main character from the Playstation games.