Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong

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Joey is not happy with Lee Chong who owns a noodle stand in China Town and wants you to take him out.

Chinese Take Out

Grab a vehicle and make your way to Ammu-Nation to pick up a Colt. 45. Next drive into China Town and exit your vehicle. You'll have to go into the market area on foot. Head along the same street which contains Lee Chong's stall. When you get close he will try to bail, so chase after him and shoot him before he escapes. You can alternatively throw Grenades at him from a distance which will kill him before the escape scene even starts. If he manages to get to a vehicle, you'll have to chase after him and make sure he doesn't get away. A few good shots to his back should kill him, but watch out for the Triads in China Town who won't be looking to let you escape.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Chunky Lee will die in less than 10 Colt. 45 shots or one well placed grenade.