Mike Lips Last Lunch

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Joey wants you to teach the Forelli brothers a lesson by taking Mike Lips car and rigging it with a bomb.

Rigged To Blow

This mission has a 6 minute time limit, which is more than enough, but you should try to work through it as fast as you can. Grab a fast vehicle and make your way into Saint Marks and to Marco's Bistro. When you get there take the car which is highlighted. You must not crash the vehicle, or you'll have to take it all the way to the Pay N' Spray. Drive the car into Harwood and to 8 Balls bomb shop which is near Easy Credit Auto's, then park it in the garage and wait for the door to close and re-open. The car is now fitted with a bomb, so carefully drive back up the hill in Saint Marks and back to Marco's Bistro. Park the car exactly where you found it before, then push the fire key to arm the bomb. Get out of the vehicle and run a little way away then watch the fireworks.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

Enjoy the irony on the sign outside Marco's Bistro "Eat Till You Explode".