Van Heist

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Joey wants you to steal a Securicar carrying a lot of money and take it to the docks.

Special Delivery

This mission isn't too hard, however I suggest you get a powerful and heavy vehicle before starting. The objective is to chase after the Securicar marked on your radar and smash into it until the security guards bail, however the weaker the car, the more times you'll have to hit it, and the more chance you've got of getting arrested. Smashing into the Securicar once, hard and fast with a Firetruck will almost instantly fill the Damage Meter. Either way keep nudging the vehicle until the damage meter fills up. You'll be getting a bigger wanted level the more damage you do, but it's nothing which can't be escaped. Once the security guards have bailed, get in the truck and make your way to Portland Harbor. When you get there just park the vehicle in the marked garage to pass the mission.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

You can actually keep the Bullet Proof Securicar should you wish to, however it will involve failing the mission. Take the vehicle to your hideout and put it in your garage instead of the docks and blow it up using a flame thrower. You will fail the mission, however when the garage door closes and opens, you will have a perfectly fine Securicar with a bullet proof body.
El Burro has now been unlocked as a new crime boss.