Sue Me Sushi

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Someone's been delivering rotten fish to Asuka's Sue-Me Sushi restaurants and she wants you to find the guy responsible and bring back his truck as evidence. She says you can only fist fight the fishermen or she'll have hell to pay.

A Fishy Problem

You've got 5 minutes to drive around the map, damaging the trucks enough to get the people out.

The first truck should be to the South of the map. Smash into it a few times and the guy should get out. Mike will check the truck, and as you'd expect, being the first of three trucks to check, it's all fine.

The guy will want to fight you for smashing up his truck though, so run him over a few times and you'll break his jaw, effectively allowing you to move onto the next truck.

The next one is slightly North East. You'll have the same problem when checking this guys truck, which again is obviously clean. Punch the guys lights out then move North to the last truck.

The last truck is the one you're after, but the guy won't go down easy. He says you'll never take him alive, so shoot him a few times and he'll finally surrender. Get in the fish truck, then drop by and pick him up.

You've now got to get back to Asuka in the remaining time, which for me was about 1-2 minutes. Be VERY careful turning the truck, as it'll flip over if you make the slightest sharp turn. Slow down and drive carefully, and never use the powerslide button to be safe.

You'll probably need at least 1 minute 30 to get back in time, so make sure you do the first part of the mission pretty quick.

Mission Passed!