Scorned Lover

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A movie star turned Asuka down, so she wants you to kill him and bring back his Alligator shoes.

Biff Rock

Head to the park where Biff is recording a scene from a movie. He'll ask his guards to get rid of you, so run away from them and kill them all. Once they're dead, he'll tell you they got it all on film and it was amazing. Mike tells him to hand over his shoes, so he does.

You'll now have a 2 star wanted level, and a bunch of guys will chase you, so kill them then grab a vehicle and lose the cops, either at the Pay N' Spray or via police bribes, either around the map or from your hideout if you've done at least 10 Vigilante missions.

Once you've lost the cops, head back to Asuka's and deliver the shoes. She'll tell you she's tracking down the location of the guys who killed Vinnie and Jonnie.

Mission Passed!