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The Mafia aren't happy with the Trenton Hoods disrespecting them and want you to teach some of them a lesson.

Don't Mess With The Mafia

Grab a vehicle and make your way South West towards the red blip on the map.

Once you reach the first Hood member, all you've got to do is kill him. He won't suspect anything, so give him a blast with a shotgun or something. Then another blip will appear on your map to the West, so make your way over to the next Hood gang member.

Once you arrive, you'll see the Hood beating up an old man with his bat. As you get closer the Hood will run away, so take him out. A new Hood will become the target to the North East, so make your way there.

You'll find that this guy is in a van, so either smash into him a few times, or shoot the vehicle until he gets out. He's armed, but you should be able to kill him quite easily before he gets you too many times. Vinnie will message you once he's wasted.

Mission Passed!