Fake IDs

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Vinnie tells you that before you can leave Liberty City, you're going to need some fake ID's. He knows a guy who might be able to help.


Make your way North to 8-Balls pad which is just a few blocks away.

After you've spoken to 8-Ball and got the fake ID's, you'll be told that someone ratted you out and the cops are onto you. You'll have a two star wanted level and you should probably lose it before you go back to the restaurant. There's a police bribe (floating yellow star) nearby, which will be shown to you in a cutscene, so grab that, then drive around for 30 seconds or so and you should lose the other star automatically, unless you go around killing people.

You don't actually need to lose your wanted level before going back to the restaurant, but it makes it easier.

Vinnie will tell you that you're nearly ready to leave this dump and he has one thing to sort out with the Mafia before he meets you in Chinatown.

Mission Passed!