2-Player Free Roam: Fun Things To Do

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By: Seeen

This guide is a short list of fun things to do with your pals while playing San Andreas 2-Player Free Roam.

Wing Walking:
- Have Player 1 get in a plane.
- Player 2 then jumps onto the wing of the plane.
- Player 1 takes off and flies the plane while Player 2 tries to keep from falling off. See how long you can stay on!

Car Surfing and Crack Dealer Holocaust:
- A player drives a vehicle while the other crouches on top of the car
- Toggle the camera view to focus on the player on top of the car. That player can now use all weapons for drive-bys instead of just SMGs.
- Smoke all crack dealers and Balla bitches you see

Double Jetpack Nonsense:
- Player 1 spawns a jetpack then, dumps it.
- Player 2 picks it up
- Player 1 then spawns another jetpack for their amusement. Nonsense ensues.
- Try to “dogfight” by SMGing each other in the air

Explore Underwater on Foot:
- Have both players climb into a boat on the water, but don't "enter" the vehicle.
- Make the players kiss.
- Somehow, Player 2 is teleported to the sea floor.
- Have Player 1 spawn a jetpack then, dump it. It goes underwater to where Player 2 is.
- Toggle the camera to focus on Player 2 so they can retrieve the Jetpack
- Player 1 then "enters" the boat and drives it while Player 2 can keep up speed with the underwater Jetpack.
- It’s recommended that Player 2 looks up once in awhile to make sure they don’t get too far from Player 1

Headless CJ:
- Have a katana blade in your inventory then, have Player 2 slice CJ’s head off.
- When CJ appears in the “real” world again walk away from the 2-Player and his headless body will be spurting blood out of the neck.