The Made Man

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The Big Man

Toni sees JD in his best colours. Mickey, a passionate Mafiosi, turns up to take him to be made. That's right. They're making JD. You just have to drive to the ceremony.

Running Away

As you start driving, the Sindaccos will try to get JD. You just have to kill them. After driving to the crusher, turns out Salvatore couldn't trust him after screwing over the Sindaccos so Mickey was playing Hitman and he shoots JD in the back of his head with a .357 Revolver. You have to dump the car into the sea, but first you have to drop Mickey off. You will probably get a Wanted Level whilst doing it, so you just pull the job off quickly.

Reward: $1000


JD's missions are permanently finished. You get a call from Vincenzo, saying he wants to work with you again...