Taking The Peace

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Special Satellite Control

The mission can be triggered at the payphone in Liberty Campus. Sal will tell you to get to a van nearby - outside the hospital. Sal's learnt that Paulie Sindacco, head of the Sindacco Crime Syndicate, is going to make peace at a meet with some Forellis. Sal wants you to mess up the meet and kill every goon there.


Once the equipment is active, you have five minutes until Paulie discovers the equipment. You have to finish off the goons quickly before his car gets totaled. You can press Accelerate at any time to take control of the vehicle, preferably when he is approaching the meet. Go under the overhang to the west to take out the goons there. Some of them will spill onto the street that are easy to turn into roadkill. Kill off the rest to complete the mission.

Reward: $2500