Night Of The Livid Dreads

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Leon informs Toni that the Yardies are struggling to hold down their new piece of territory, and are losing a fight against the Sindaccos.

Man Down!

The Yardies are trapped in an alley behind the AmmuNation in Newport. When you get there, you will have to fight through a few Sindaccos before you reach the Jamaicans. In the next cutscene, one of the Yardies got caught in the crosshairs and needs to get to an Ambulance. They'll have to fight their way through the attackers. Attack the Sindaccos that come swarming down the alley, and then you will need to clear the path onto the street. Go after the blips on your map (a few may come towards you), being wary as some of these idiots may surprise you, and could get Toni killed. There are a few you can pop as they race towards you on their Sanchez dirtbikes. Finish off the rest that turn up late to the gunfight, or are just sitting far away and back in the black van. After that, you can meet up with the ambulance and finally polish off this mission.

Reward: $2,000


Full health, armor and some Assault Rifle ammunition (or a good gun) is recommended before you start this mission.