Crazy '69'

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A Blast From The Past

Toni interrupts Leon's little chat with fellow bent cop, and a face from GTA past, Ray Machowski, who seems pretty hostile to him. Leon tells Toni to go nuts in Belleville Park to "help fight organized crime"...what a crook.


You will need to kill 20 Forellis in 3 minutes and 40 seconds, and you can only use the Katana provided on this one. This is easier than it sounds, seeing as these guys are as well equipped as you, with only Meat Cleavers in hand. One swipe of your sword is enough to put a Forelli in the ground. Once you've tallied the body count to that magic number, you complete the mission.

Reward: $2,000


You will unlock the Dragon Outfit in your wardrobe after completion of this mission.